Our Services

Multinational Companies and M&A

Your local Partner

Our company will manage all your business interests locally while protecting your investment. We are your eyes and ears on the ground to navigate Israeli culture, industry, language, and laws. Day 1 can serve as a CFO/GM until business as usual (BAU). Day 1 provides Israeli certified CPAs to meet your local financial needs.

  • Controller
  • CFO
  • Finance Management 
  • ERP Implementation
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Setting up local subsidiaries, deployment of local processes and operations
  • Reporting according to accounting structure and the needs of your company
  • Handling all communication with tax and other local government authorities.
  • Managing bank accounts and cash flow.
  • HR and Payroll Services we help you to apply and implement international policies in employment contracts and handbooks, and pay your staff in compliance with local law
Plan for Success

More than 85% of the M&A’s in Israel fail to complete integration. In our company, we create a new methodology that helps you to increase your success rate by twenty percent.

In the process, it will reduce the company’s M&A costs. Our approach is to bridge your company’s goals to the local culture and industry. This plan will help you avoid buying a company that might not be needed.

Integration due diligence and PMI

DAY1 will assist your company in understanding the synergy between your company and the company you are acquiring. Taking into account cultural challenges before the PMI stage ensures a smooth transition as you consider integrating the new company into your company. Day 1 will work with you to plan your budget and identify unexpected expenses that can be a factor in the deal price.

Cost-buster service

In unfamiliar environments, companies are sometimes unaware of local costs. DAY1 ensures you receive the best price for services as a local company would. We check all contracts and agreements with local partners to reduce your costs.

Workshop for Succeeding in the Israeli business culture

DAY1 offers tailor-made workshops to prepare your employees to meet the Israeli people. We believe that your success depends on your internal equity. We will make your employees work with their Israeli partners by offering insight into the local mentality. DAY1 workshop will help your employees to identify weaknesses, where problems can appear, and which areas to focus on.

Services for the Israeli (target) company
  • Building a strategy for how to behave with the new owners:
    how to work, how not to work, how to talk, what to say and what not to say
  • How to achieve your goals vis-à-vis the new owners
  • Prepare your management team for the purchase process
  • Explain the change process to minimize uncertainty
  • Lead the change process towards successful integration with the new owner

Financial and Operations Services

Tailor Made Corporate Finance

DAY1 integrates financial and corporate strategies to create value for the company and help them improve performance. 

  • Controller
  • CFO services
  • Transaction and capital market
  • Cash Management & Credit Set Up
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Monthly package reporting
  • ERP Implementation
  • Building a finance department
Bookkeeping Services

DAY1 provides a local statutory bookkeeping, full reconciliation accounts, and management reporting. We will manage your tax and reporting obligations.

  • AP/ Supplier payments
  • Account receivable/ Customers Collection 
  • Government Reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Fixed assets management
HR and Payroll services

DAY1 provides payroll specialists to your company with complete services for all your payroll needs. We offer salary administration and processing, to managing benefits, assuring legal compliance, and filing periodic tax reports.

Develop an Analytical and Strategic Plan

We will build a plan to reduce costs, and take advantage of opportunities, rebuild the organization structure, streamline processes, check business viability.

The plan will bring solutions for short- and long-term.

  • Strategic planning of company divisions
  • Building new work processes
  • Building new policies
  • Advise managers on organizational changes and development
Organization restoration services

DAY1 will work with struggling companies to identify why the company is not growing. We specialize in recovering companies and can help you meet your goals and succeed. We can save your company. 

  • Develop an analytical and strategic plan 
  • We will build a plan to reduce costs and take advantage of opportunities, rebuild the organization structure, streamline processes, check business viability. 
  • The plan will bring solutions for short- and long-term.

Specializing in finance services
in the Israeli industry of Tech Companies.