About DAY1

I bring 18 years of experience as CFO in complex M&A’S in a large organization, providing a steady hand of guidance, communication, and vision.

DAY1 is an Israeli company that was founded by Lilac Barel, an MBA, CPA who has worked for over 18 years in senior positions in the Israeli Tech Eco-System, leading a range of departments from Finance, HR, Procurement and Administration — often accompanying complex integrations of Israeli companies that were acquired by American corporations.

Driven by a desire, not to see mistakes repeat themselves, Lilach launched DAY1, assembling an A-team of professionals who bring diverse experience and a unique set of skills. To ensure a smooth and holistic integration that leverages the many insights, they have collectively accumulated over the years.


DAY1 1 is built based on first-hand CFO/CPA experience and serves as a dedicated 3rd party resource that can direct, manage and facilitate your Finance, HR, IT, and operations processes, serving as the local representative provided by an Israeli certified CPA.

DAY1 bridges the legal, cultural, and communication gaps between global corporate codes and local ways of conducting business and provides a range of under-the-hood services.

Over the years, I have learned what mistakes to avoid and the weaknesses of companies running overseas businesses. leading integrations and processes in large companies. Providing solutions and thinking outside the box.

“Full transparency, fairness, integrity, and clear communications
are the ingredients with which we work to ensure integrations
and not disintegrations.”

Lilach Barel, Founder