The road to integration is usually a bit bumpy. Actually, it’s more
than a bit bumpy. Having someone local who understands the
people and practices can make a huge difference.

Lilach Barel, Founder

Day 1

Truly Integrated

We are your local partner to ensure mergers & acquisitions
are done right. We are the integrators for integrators.

In-depth planning of what’s needed to integrate at the pre M&A stage to ensure solid fundations.

Hands-on localization and integration services and go-between global and local teams.

Cross-the-board analysis of costs and redundancies and optimization of financial operations.


We are the preferred partner of global companies
seeking to tap into the Israeli tech-ecosystem.
We provide a structured framework to ensure the
post merger integration goes as smoothly as


The most common obstacle to successful PMI
is cultural integration, when local habits and
mentality meet your standards and expectations.
You are there. We are here.
We help you understand local mentality and we set
standards and expectations that work both ways.


It is not uncommon in the tech eco-system to rely
on the initial supply chain that brought the
company to their current status. In post-merger
integration it’s important to provide an impartial
analysis of the supply chain and ensure it is aligned
and optimized.

Our Story

Sometimes the greatest
ideas come from failure.

We launched Day 1 because we all have witnessed many failed integrations,
as well as a few successful ones. We understand that success often boils down to
being able to communicate, be transparent, establish trust and bridge the
cultural gaps between acquirer and acquiree.

Meet Our Team
A-to-Z Integration

The key to integration is a hands-on approach. That’s why we roll up our
sleeves, get under the hood and make sure everything works just right.

Insights for Day 1

With years of experience on both sides of the equation, we’ve
developed some invaluable insights for what works and what doesn’t.

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